trem fantasma
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Dancin Late at Night by Jonathan Richman

Broadcast, 1995.

Arthur Leipzig - Chalk Games (1950)
My cat Bailey passed away today and I’m so sad. Losing pets is the worst. )’:
8:22 PM

importantsound said: wth you made me think something bad happened to sporty spice I almost had a heart attack.

omg no haha don’t worry she’s safe and sound

hexeghost said: she also had the best voice and carried every song. oh mel c. poor lass.

right? she was incredible. life out of the spotlight can’t be too bad though.

keanureevesinpointbreak said: I know a lot of people who that was their favorite spice girl actually. Mine was posh 💯.

lmao ok! i was wrong! mel c still gets plenty of love 

8:19 PM

i feel so bad for sporty spice i mean she did fucking back flips across a dining room table and she’s the one spice girl everybody forgets

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Lizzy Mercier Descloux photographed by Edo Bertoglio in New York, 1980.
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Students sitting for an exam in Afghanistan.